Coffee Beans

The High Quality Coffee Beans of Coffee Win Sourcing from Well-Known Coffee Growing Regions of Myanmar:

  • 1. Specialty Coffee Beans
  • 2. Organic Coffee Beans
  • 3. Premium Coffee Beans
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Coffee Win Myanmar Ready-To-Brew Package of Various Flavors Maymyo Brewed Coffee, Sate Tine Kya Coffee, Chit Kaung Coffee, Yoe Yar Coffee, Paung See Coffee

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Coffee On The Go

“Maymyo Brewed Coffee”, a Burmese delicacy that makes it easy to drink fresh natural coffee with reasonable price.

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Our Products

Speciality Coffee Bean

Our specialty coffee is blended with coffee beans sourced from Ywar Ngan, a Southern Shan State of Myanmar. For our specialty coffee, only the deep red ripe coffee cherries are hand harvested to ensure the best flavors in the coffee. Our master roasters carefully roasted with quality standards to bring out the sweet, balance and complex taste of Myanmar coffee.

Oragnic Coffee Bean

For Organic lovers: Farmer brand is the Organic arm of Coffee Win Myanmar. Most of our Organic products come from the Southern Shan State, Ywar Ngan Village which is famous for producing the best coffee. We ensure you that our organic coffee, made from carefully hand-harvested coffee cherries at optimum ripeness, will satisfy your taste.

Premium Coffee Bean

Coffee Win’s premium coffee beans are carefully sourced from Pyin Oo Lwin, a lovely town famous for its best coffee, naturally processed and carefully roasted by the experts according to our quality standards. Best for coffee lovers who want to make own favourite taste of coffee. After freshly brewed at home, can enjoy the rich aromatic coffee according to preferences, black or white coffee.


At Coffee Win Myanmar, we want everyone to enjoy the barista quality coffee at home or anywhere. “Sate Tine Kya” Coffee allows you to make different kinds of coffee based on your liking. The fresh ground coffee is packed in a separate sachet. Place sachet into a mug, pour 200 ml of hot water, cover it and let sleep for 5 minutes. Remove the sachet once the coffee reached desired strength. Since creamer and sugar comes in separate packs, you can add desired amount to make your favorite aromatic Coffee. This is perfect for those who are looking for an easy, fuss-free method to have a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

Maymyo brewed coffee

Coffee Win Myanmar’s Signature “Maymyo Brewed Coffee” is for those who love the traditional coffee. We started the journey with the coffee carts serving the freshly brewed coffee. On our menu, “Maymyo brewed coffee” is the most popular and loved by many. We are proud to present this to coffee lovers as ready-to-make coffee. Get a packet, simmer in hot water for 3 minutes and enjoy the perfect blend of Coffee Win’s 100% fresh “Maymyo Brewed Coffee”.

Chit Kaung Coffee

Perfect for those who loves to enjoy the bitter taste of coffee without sugar. Chit Kaung Coffee is blended for those who consume less sugar for their healthy lifestyle or has diabetes. This 2 in 1 coffee only contains ground coffee and creamer. Simmer in hot water for 3 minutes to get a perfectly balance the intense and rich flavor coffee.

Yoe Yar Brewed coffee

Start your day with a cup of Yoe Yar Classic Coffee and discover the smooth taste of slowly roasted beans and explore a whole world of classic coffee at home. Yoe Yar will be the favorite coffee for those who like the perfect combination of our aromatic coffee, sugar and flavor of creamy milk. Simmer in hot water for 3 minutes to get a classic taste of traditional brewed coffee.

Paung See Coffee

Portable Coffee cup, Anywhere, anytime.

Paung See Coffee, a new product of Coffee Win, a convenient coffee premix of “Maymyo Brewed Coffee” in a cup. It is perfect to use at home, anywhere, anytime especially while travelling. It is easy to make your favorite coffee without any hassle. Just need to add hot water to enjoy rich and aromatic “Maymyo Brewed Coffee” in an instant.